The gut is our second brain. We have trillions of living organisms in our digestive tract that have a big impact on our health. The gut microbiome (the balance of good and bad bacteria) effects our digestion, immunity, fat storage and heart health.

Australian naturopath Jeanie McClymonth developed GoodMix Superfoods to “Balance gut flora, optimize digestion and boost metabolism”. Love her PondWater and BallBag product descriptions!


100g $6 - 400g $18 - 800g $34

Protein, enzymes, omega 3's, antioxidants & fibre never tasted better. Activate, eat, wait. This mix has been designed to supply maximum nutrition as well as fantastic taste, appearance & texture. Every ingredient is chosen for a reason. Can be eaten with yoghurt, coconut yoghurt, smoothies, protein shakes, chopped fruit, porridge / other breakfast foods…or made into slices / balls / muesli bars for lunch boxes or snacks.

Ingredients: Chia Seeds*, Almonds, Pepitas*, Coconut*, Buckwheat*, Flaxseed*, Sesame Seeds*, Goji Berries*,Raw Cacao Nibs*, Puffed Amaranth*, Puffed Millet*


100g $7 - 400g $22 - 800g $39

A fruitier, nuttier, Paleo-friendly version of our original therapeutic breakfast 'Blend11'. It's still great for digestive function & gut health, with similar nutritional benefits, but is completely grain free. Like the Blend11, you must activate overnight. This mix has been designed well as fantastic taste, appearance & texture but also to fit in with a Paleo diet. Neo can be eaten with coconut yoghurt, in a smoothie, a protein shake, with chopped fruit, on top of another breakfast…or made into slices / balls / bars for snacks.

Ingredients: Coconut*, Almonds, Chia Seeds*, Linseeds*, Black Sesame Seeds*, Pepitas*, Banana, Hempseed*, Brazil Nuts*, Apricot*, Macadamia Nuts, Mango*, Goji Berries*


200g $43

PondWater is an organic Supergreens + Aloe Vera powder supplement, designed to make your green drinks…even greener! Add to green smoothies, fresh juices, shakes or just combine with water & a dash of lemon or lime. Quality Aussie grown grasses (tested both just after harvest & at mixing stage to be gluten free by the way), algae & pure-inner leaf aloe vera – that’s all. No numbers, no fillers, no sweeteners, no cheap fruit & veggie powders…this is superclean & supergreen. It’s like eating a bucket load of green veg on steroids!! Highly concentrated greens, quick & easy – no excuses!

Ingredients: Spirulina Powder*, Barley Grass Powder*, Spelt Grass Powder*, Chlorella Powder*, Aloe Vera Powder*


375g $18

Raw Cacao Protein ball and slice pre-mix! All-natural, mostly organic, chocolate protein ball ‘base mix’, formulated by me, a health-freak yet total chocoholic from way back, who understands your need for chocolatey treats every day, and your other need to stay fit and healthy eating loads of good stuff, even in your little ‘indulgences’! I know you are probably time-poor, and sick of scouring the net looking for that perfect recipe, spending heaps on ingredients, then trialling it only to be disappointed with the boring tasting result. With a BallBag, the hard bits are done, so all you need to do is add coconut oil and one of the super-easy suggested flavour options, shape into balls and refrigerate or freeze.

Ingredients:  Cashews*, Dates, Apricots*, Almond Meal, Coconut*, Raw Cacao Powder*, Raw Cacao Nibs*, Maca Powder*

*Certified Organic Ingredient

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