WOMEN’S RESISTANCE (30mins) - Resistance classes to strengthen muscles and bones with a weekly rotational theme: Gym Circuit, Fitball, Dumbbells,   Abs n Butts, Kettlebells, Combo Circuit.

WOMEN'S CARDIO (30mins) - Get the heart rate up. Cardio classes improve heart and lung health.

MEN’S GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING (30mins) - A combination of weights and cardio to build strength, fitness and flexibility with a bit of friendly team competition to get the heart rate up.

YOGAFIT (45mins) - Traditional yoga meets science-based fitness principles. Connecting the mind and body to promote calm while lengthening and strengthening muscles for greater balance and flexibility.  

GENTLE YOGAFIT (45 mins) - A slower paced yogafit session using chairs, blocks and straps to assist moving in and out of poses.  

OUTDOOR GROUP PT (45mins) - Workout in the fresh air for a healthy dose of Vitamin D during the months of October-March. Held at the hockey grounds, corner Harbour Road and Brazier Street.

LOW IMPACT (30mins) - A gentle approach for those new to exercise, getting back into exercise after an extended break or the mature aged.

PERSONAL TRAINING (30-45mins)  - By appointment only. See further info under “Personal Training”.

OPEN GYM - If you missed your usual class or enjoy working out on your own, come along and use the gym machines. 

Group Exercise Membership

Casual Attendance
$12 per visit

WALK Membership
2 sessions/week
Weekly Direct Debit - $19.00

JOG Membership
3 sessions/week
Weekly Direct Debit - $27.00

RUN Membership
Unlimited sessions/week
Weekly Direct Debit - $34.00